Pain Pill Peddlers Controlled Clinic Through Violence, Feds Say

Pain mgmt shutNBC News By Tracy Connor

Two dozen members of a violent ring that used bogus clinics to put half a billion dollars worth of the powerful pain pill Oxycodone on the streets have been busted in a sting operation, federal prosecutors said Wednesday. Court papers described a lucrative operation in which the Astramed chain of pain management centers worked with iron-fisted crew chiefs to fill more than 30,000 prescriptions for the potent opiates since 2011.

The clinics run by Dr. Kevin Lowe allegedly pocketed $300 for each doctor visit, which was usually just a minute or two long and involved no physical exam. The “patients” were men and women hired by the crews to obtain the prescriptions for phony ailments. The pills were turned over to the ringleaders for resale on the street, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara charged.

A single prescription could be worth $6,000 in New York, and up to $18,000 out of state. Investigators said 5.5 million tablets were ordered, with a street value of $550 million. With so much money at stake, the crews used intimidation and violence to keep the operation going and stationed “bouncers” — including one nicknamed “Pork Chop” — outside the clinics, the feds alleged.

In September, one clinic worker was thrown through a wall. The next month, a pregnant office manager who raised the price for new patients was assaulted, court papers say. One doctor who called police about threats from a patient had their car defaced and their tires slashed. Prosecutors say Lowe, who collected $12 million in fees, was “complicit in much of the violence.” His lawyer did not immediately return a call.


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What’s it gonna take?



What’s it gonna take,

til it starts to make sense?

Stopping the repeating spiral, fully accepting that one day’s “giving in”, will become the next, which becomes the next and soon that becomes a week, which turns into another week, and another. From there a month. And the ongoing failings and lost promises to yourself and to others, day after day and week after week, month after month, and then a year.   The “intentions”  and “promises” and “I really mean its”…   As the drug of choice not only rewires the ‘got to have it”, but also rewires the dysfunctional daily doings and momentary decisions. And thus, a life, a fallen life, of repeated tripping, and failing, and falling, and pain. For all.

But still,

the intention.

The intention to do,

and to be,


is alive,

but unwell.

So last night her eyes were pinned…


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She is thankfully, usually, on time coming home. Though she’s 18, given the past, her curfew on weeknights is 12:00.
At 12:03am, because of my anxiety with her brother being awol, I grew tense quickly. No answer on the phone. Texts are all I can send. Seconds feel like minutes. I friggin hate this. Damn it, where is my kid? 12:20 Into my car, maybe she’s at her guy friend Nel’s house. I tried to call again, she answered. 12:23. Happy for this!  So she’s sounding nice, agreeable…  I know what that means, she’s high. She’s at some shit place in a bad part of town. She’s with “good friends”, she says “got her back”.  This is the hood! Two streets off MLK, no streetlights.
We have a fine enough conversation in the car. Pleasant. Says her battery in her phone died. Her friend that brought her there, that lives near where we do had already gone home (why didn’t go home then?)  Well anyway, we get home, I let her know I need her to do a drug test. She’s fine with that. Says its silly and it’s going to come up negative anyway. And I think, “Am I really just being overly damn paranoid?”  I don’t think so, no!
After five minutes with the cup, she says she couldn’t pee.
I will test her in the morning…
It’s 9:49 am. I only slept three hours, she just got out of bed. Got to her before she went to the bathroom. Handed her the cup. She peed, came out of the bathroom and handed me the cup.  I’ve been through this before, soooo I put my finger into the cup of her urine. Cold yellowish toilet water.  She denies it anyway.

Thoughts, situations and realities with my son this past week. 08/13/12


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(I always email an update to his counselor the day before his session)
College.  He discovered that the fee to get on the list for housing was $50. He texted me this information. I needed to know much more than just that, so I asked him to call me because I needed more information. He refused many times over. I can only assume that he did nothing further about acquiring housing. I certainly could have found this information “for him”, but if he is interested in getting an education this short bit of work certainly is within his capabilities.
Home.  He said he needed a few days away.  It’s been a week. He is living with a friend who has the living expenses covered. An ” anything goes” kind of place (ie. flophouse).
Work.  I assume that he is working and doing what he needs to be doing.  As drugs, alcohol and addiction goes, it’s just a matter of time before something eventuates and the job is lost. His Facebook page is a mess of pics of wasted teens and expletives. …if someone from his workplace saw this it would certainly raise an eyebrow as to his out of control lifestyle.
Family. There are quite a number of family birthdays this month. As a result, many of his aunts, uncles and cousins have flown into town for a fun week (dad turns 74). So far he has said he would go over on Tuesday (today), and that he would try to get over there on this upcoming Sunday -Saturday is the picnic and cake and celebration (including celebrating HIS birthday).
He no longer takes phone calls from his grandma, or me, or is mom.
He is quite obviously out of control of positive destiny and funtional direction. With his current path, it is certainly only a matter of time before an arrests, court dates, jails, prison time, an overdose, various health issues, violence from being in the wrong place doing the wrong things etc…  I am, of course, terribly worried (those simple words cannot convey the depth). He was raised quite well with values and lots of love, though certainly the course of the past five years have been challenging as anything for me as work and finances go -relation to his issues? -a reason to blame it?  -issues with rejection from his mom?  I just don’t know why there is a continuing drive to “exit reality” -aside from the obvious “addiction gene”.  So then, will he choose to go down the path of this least resistance and disappear into despair, or will he work to become more powerful than the hellish demon that he is allowing to rule his world?

Falling into the depths of addiction.


When it all begins, the beauty.  Deeper and deeper. To blackness. Pain. despair. Hell.

The misshaps and mental scars, the missed appointments. the lost job, the disappointment in self, missed family fun, the true friends faded, the life opportunities, the upsets, the slipping, the hope eventually lost. It doesn’t happen at once. More a slow and debilitating taking away from the person we all once knew, but still love.

My eyelids ripped off last night…


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There is just no complacency allowed.  Last night I discovered that BOTH of my children are ONCE AGAIN, using.  I’ll write more later. I’m just damn numb. pissed, upset, frustrated, let down, conned. So much to manage ahead. Sleepless night, worry, anxiety, angling, deep discussions, BS meter. There is no other direction to take in saving my kids from this , just so much more that what should ever be anyone’s reality -even more so for them. It just shouldn’t be.

Purdue Pharma LP conducting children’s trial of OxyContin

How absolutely horrendous…

(CBS News) OxyContin manufacturer Purdue Pharma LP is currently undergoing a pediatric trial of the powerful painkiller to find out the effects of the drug on children, with the hopes of receiving an extension on the company’s patent from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Read More> Continue reading

Suboxone, but they prefer to call em “Subs”


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Suboxone (Subs)

What Methadone is to the Heroin addict, Suboxone (or Subutex) is to the Blues (Roxies) addict. It Takes the edge off, you don’t get high, but you remain addicted… It’s about the size of a Crest Tooth Whiteningstrips and fits easily into a book. As was found in a book when one of my teens suitcases was searched before entering rehab.